Britt-Marie Was Here 0.0 stars

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Need cute? Our mysophobic, sportsophobic, and freshly-cheated on titular killjoy (Pernilla August) walks out of a 40-year marriage and grabs the first job the employment agency has to offer to a 63-year-old homemaker with OCD: soccer coach at a ramshackle youth center. You could be blindfolded and seated in another multiplex, and I guarantee you’d still see where this one’s going. Director and co-scenarist Tuva Novotny’s rapid fire outline of Britt’s repeated routines is the first bit of business to age badly. After the bedside reveal of the other woman, there’s neither a moment’s originality nor a drop of genuine emotion to be found. To add suspense, Novotny relies on the old Spanky & Our Gang “mortgage on the farm” trope, as the day before the big game finds the owner threatening to close the center. Do you think the underprivileged tykes and the crusty yenta will eventually wind up playing for the same team? In short, so sickeningly sweet that theatres showing it should be required to equip seat-backs with emesis bags. 2019.

Scott Marks

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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