21 and Over 1.0 stars

At last. After the "We're too old, but who cares?" middle-aged hijinks of The Hangover and the "We're too young, but who cares?" high-school hijinks of Project X, the Drunken Bromedy genre takes up the entirely age-appropriate collegiate hijinks of 21 and Over. Miles Teller plays the master-bantering mastermind, Skylar Astin is the nice Jewish kid who's maybe settling down a tad early, and Justin Chon is the stressed-out Asian birthday boy they set out to inebriate on the night before he interviews for med school. Chon is a charmer, but sadly, he spends much of the film as unconscious baggage for two dudes crossing that magical border between youth and adulthood. The whole thing is a happy fantasy of debauchery: yeah, the boys get spanked for their transgressions, but each soggy thread is neatly tied by the end, and nobody's even hung over the next morning. 2013.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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