2013 Oscar Shorts: Documentary 3.0 stars

2013 Oscar Shorts: Documentary movie poster
  • Rated NR

While brevity demands that a short film keep its focus tight and on-point, it has the opposite effect on a documentary. In a short doc, it is enough for the viewer to be presented with a detailed, engaging slice of life, with no point required save the sharing of lived experience. "Mondays at Racine" shows that different women respond differently to cancer, even as they all mourn the loss of their hair. "Redemption" covers the bottle-and-can collectors of New York City, asking all of them along the way, "What did you do before this?" "King's Point" paints a gorgeous, harrowing portrait of comfortable, empty old age at a Florida retirement community. "Open Heart" chronicles the effort to save Rwandan children with rheumatic heart failure. And Inocente gives us a teenage artist who is also homeless and undocumented. Compassion is the watchword. 2013.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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