2 Guns movie poster

Just diverting enough, thanks in large part to the weary charm of Denzel Washington's undercover DEA agent, and the earnest charm of Mark Wahlberg's undercover Navy investigator. (The wiseassery Wahlberg uses to cover the earnestness, alas, quickly wears thin.) Thanks also to a willingness to make almost everyone at least a little bit bad — it's all rotten, so you just need to find something you can tolerate and fight for that. The shared badness allows for a few mostly unexpected turns in this story of institutional corruption and drug-thuggery, and the silliness doesn't really kick in until the third act. (To hell with Chekhov's gun, we've got Chekhov's helicopter!) There's even some creative time-shifting at the outset to help get things moving. Both Washington and Wahlberg can do better, but they've also done worse. 2013.

Matthew Lickona

This movie is not currently in theaters.


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