A Thousand Butterflies

Nathan Hubbard: Percussion | Claudia Gomez: Percussion | Mackenzie Leighton: Bass guitar | Dillon Casey: Guitar (acoustic) | Caitlin Crow: Cello | Kris Apple: Violin | Louis Valenzuela: Guitar (acoustic), Percussion

Genre: Acoustic, Jazz, Latin | Tejano

Sound description: Hubbard says “It’s sort of a Latin/chamber/gypsy/flamenco–type thing.”

RIYL: Nathan Hubbard, Passengers

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Inception: San Diego, 2014


Percussionist Nathan Hubbard‘s band A Thousand Butterflies performs music inspired by the poems of Spanish poet Federico García Lorca. The band features Claudia Gomez (tap/percussion), Mackenzie Leighton (bass), Caitlin Crow (cello), Louis Valenzuela (guitar, tres/oud), Dillon Casey (classical guitar), and Kris Apple (violin).

“I don’t know how you would explain that band,” says Hubbard. “It’s sort of a Latin/chamber/gypsy/flamenco–type thing.”

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