Thee Jesters

Jerry Raney: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Chuck Surface: Keyboards | Steve Sherwood: Saxophone | Larry Tanner: Bass guitar | Bob Friedman: Drums

Genre: Covers | Standards, Pop, Rock

RIYL: The Perennials, Thee Dark Ages, Glory, Captain Beyond, Iron Butterfly, Gravedigger V, the Morlocks, the Tell-Tale Hearts, Glory, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Ubanratchthani Oatsmeal Blues Band

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Influences: Love, Spirit, 13th Floor Elevators


Thee Jesters featured future a Beat Farmer, teen Jerry Raney (formerly of the Perennials), alongside Chuck Surface (Ubanratchthani Oatsmeal Blues Band), Steve Sherwood, Larry Tanner, and Bob Friedman. "We mainly played the Hi Ho Club, but we [also] played a lot of high school dances and other teenage night clubs," says Raney. "The band didn't have sense enough to record."

Surface, Friedman, and Raney later dropped the sax and recruited bassist Jack Butler to evolve into Thee Dark Ages, who reportedly played a lot of British music, as well as the complete Forever Changes album by Arthur Lee and Love. Future rock critic Lester Bangs would sometimes sit in with the band. The soundtrack for the 2014 documentary A Box Full Of Rocks: The El Cajon Years of Lester Bangs includes several Thee Dark Ages songs.

Thee Dark Ages essentially morphed into Glory. Raney joined the Roosters, the house band at Cinnamon Cinder.

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