Crhymes: Vocals

Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap

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“I say a lot of crazy shit that pisses people off,” says Tha Core front man Crhymes, “so regular radio isn’t gonna play my shit. goes out totally uncensored to around 60,000 hip-hop peeps every month, and we can do and say anything we want.” Crhymes helps operate the website. “I ain’t never going back to jail, [and] I got tired of watching all my friends have kids and piss away their dreams.”

Founded in 2005, the 24-hour internet station hosts DJ programs and musician interviews, as well as broadcasting live from local events and posting DJ mixes. Other programming includes the Bang ’em Radio Show, tha WrongKind Radio, and MP3s by locals Mitchy Slick, Mr. Shadow, Ecay Uno, South Psyco Cide, and SiccMade.

One track by Tha Core, “Smoke and Get High,” is all but unplayable on terrestrial radio. “The title speaks for itself,” says Crhymes. “We were so blown that day, I can’t even remember laying my verse down.”

Also untouchable, even by many internet outlets, are the frequently incendiary interviews with locals unafraid to say things that many wouldn’t want to hear.

“Like, I got molested by my older foster sister when I was eight,” says Crhymes, “but I liked it. So is that still child abuse?”

Crhymes says that, until recently, San Diego lagged behind other hip-hop cities.

“Too much of the gang mentality,” he says, “that’s why West Coast rap fell off. It’s hard to do shows if you have people always trying to fight or shoot up the place. Then you have to deal with the police not wanting shows because of the gang shit.”

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