Taryn Donath

Taryn Donath: Piano, Vocals

Genre: Rock

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Singer/pianist Taryn Donath plays jump, funk, blues, and stride piano. A blaze of lost and vintage skills, Donath frequently shows up with a drummer. Talk to her right hand: it knows endless chords. Her left hand is another subject entirely.

“I have been playing the piano for almost twenty years, and performing professionally for almost fourteen of those years,” she says. “I discovered blues at the age of eleven, and since then I have expanded my playing style from blues to West Coast swing, Chicago blues, and even a bit of western swing. I would describe my playing as tenacious and deliberate. Some people say my voice is very strong, but I like to sing more relaxed and natural best. I try my best to bring excitement and spontaneity to every performance. I feel music is one of the most precious gifts in this universe. It has the ability to take you places you have never been before, and it can also make you feel right at home.”

She spent October 2019 on a South American tour.

Donath has also performed with Blue Largo, Billy Watson, and Ronnie Lane and the Twisters.

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