Christopher Dale: Vocals | Charlie McCree: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals | Jack Reynolds: Bass guitar, Vocals | Danny Cress: Drums

Genre: Alternative, Pop, Rock

Sound description: Alternative power-pop.

RIYL: Weezer, Vertibird

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Inception: San Diego, 2006

Ex-Band Members: Brian "Nucci" Cantrell, Drums

Influences: Weezer, Green Day, Vertibird, Sweet Tooth, Hot Rod Harris, the Grams


Superdoo is a collaboration between San Diego singer/songwriter Christopher Dale and the alternative power-pop band Momma (formerly known as Vertibird). One of their earliest recordings in 2006 was "Hilary," a musical tribute to 91X DJ Hilary, who was fired from the station shortly after the song was recorded in summer 2006.

"Gave her the song on a Friday and she got canned the next Tuesday," says Dale.

Sample lyric: "Yeah, you're the DJ that gets me down the freeway / Now everything is all right, I get to where I'm going and I'm not uptight."

"She was planning on playing it on the air," says Dale. "Who knows what would have happened? Might have been difficult to fire someone who has a song about them in rotation." Superdoo played the song live for the first time at their debut gig in mid-July 2006 at the Tiki Bar. Dale says the audience sang along "with gusto." 91X was also playing Superdoo's "Waitress," but Dale was leery that the "Hilary" singalongs could affect the station's willingness to play it.

"It's hard to say what the [long-term] impact will be," says Dale. "We haven't been using it to trash 91X, but rather celebrate Hilary."

Superdoo's self-titled debut CD was released in Summer 2007, recorded and produced by Sven-Erik Seaholm at local Kitsch & Sync Studios.


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