Sabotawj: Beats, Vocals

Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap

Sound description: Hip-hop.

RIYL: Hip-hop

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Influences: Hip-hop


Emcee, Street Poet, Entrepioneer, Sabotawj: Sabotawj, pronounced sabotage, hails from San Diego, Calfornia. Representing the World Wide Rhymeside, Sabotawj began his mission in 1999 sliding the undaground a sample of his talent with his debut album, Rhymeside. After doing numerous shows around the world, including Japan and Bahrain, he returned home to work on his next album. The next step in his evolution was the 2001 release, Memoirs of Da Hardcore. Now, back to hit you in da head with da heat, Sabotawj brings us his latest offering, In Yo Hood.

"I want to bring the originality back to the culture so our seeds will have some strong roots for their foundation," says Sabotawj.

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