Lucas Coleman: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals | Luke Maddox: Drums

Genre: Acoustic, Alternative, Pop

Sound description: Melodic light metal, with frequent Christian overtones (though the band insists its music is secular).

RIYL: New Found Glory, the Ataris, '80s metal

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Inception: San Diego, 2005

Current Status: Playing around Southern California.

Influences: The Ataris, Hit the Lights, Wakefield, Off By One, New Found Glory, Battalion of Saints


The Rosery was formerly known as Rookie 7. Regarding their new name and the odd spelling, singer/guitarist Lucas Coleman says "One morning I went out to a family IHOP breakfast with all my relatives. My grandma pulls out this giant box of sheet music, old hymns, and popular singles you and I have probably never heard of that looked like they survived the Holocaust -- most of them did, dated around the 1940s. One sheet of paper literally started to crumble as I picked it up -- a chorus girl's résumé with a list of songs she knew. 'The Rosery' was one of the numbers listed, and Rose happens to be my mother's and my grandmother's middle name."

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