Dave Gladish: Guitar (electric) | Ed Been: Vocals | Billy Wear: Drums, Percussion

Genre: Rock

RIYL: Steely Dan, Jeff Beck, Allman Bros., Rush, Deep Purple

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Inception: San Diego, 2009

Ex-Band Members: Kevin Wall, Bass guitar Kevin Irvin , Bass guitar Robert Fedeli, Keyboards, Vocals Ivy Li, Vocals

Influences: Jam bands, jazz bands


Ristband was co-founded by Dave Gladish, formerly of Roxy Monoxide. Underpowered and Overdriven, their first album, was released in April 2010. Guests include Scott Proseus on guitar and Lou Fanucchi on accordion. The album was recorded at Room 16 in El Cajon, produced by Dave Gladish, engineered by Scott Stojak, and mastered at Baja Vista Studios in Oceanside.

Their second album Balancing Act was recorded at Room 16 Studios and released in May 2011.

“The cover art features Adelaide Marcus of Danyavaad & the Shimmy Sisters,” says guitarist Dave Gladish, “depicting a Hindu goddess, balancing four symbols from Hindu teaching — lotus, conch, skull, fire — representing what we all have to balance to get through life.” Balancing Act was recorded at Room 16 Studios.

“We kept tradition with our first album by adding a cover and a guest vocalist. The cover tune is ‘Over Under Sideways Down’ by the Yardbirds. We love Jeff Beck! Though we took some liberties with the outtro jam section.”

“The guest singer is Kirk Cumming from my old southern rock band Falcon Mohawk. He sings and Scott Proseus, from the same band, plays slide on the tune ‘Medicine Man.’” Both Cumming and Proseus have also played with Caliber and 5 Miles High.

As of 2011, drummer Billy Wear also plays with Y3K, Charlie Imes Hodad Surf Club, and the San Diego Bayside Band. Singer/guitarist Dave Gladish plays with the Bobby Sanchez Combo, Charlie Imes Hodad Surf Club, and Miff Laracy’s Bumbershoot. Singer/guitarist/keyboardist Ed Been plays with Y3K and Inexpensive Joke.

In late 2011, new bassist Kevin Wall replaced Kevin Irwin, who announced plans to concentrate on Wild Rumours, Blow by Blow (a Jeff Beck tribute), and his own Kirvin Experience. Kevin Wall relocated to Denver in July 2012. The band's third full-length Rally dropped at Bay Hill Tavern on November 15, 2013.


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