Paul Moeller

Paul Moeller: Guitar (acoustic), Vocals

Genre: Acoustic, Blues & Soul, Rock

Sound description: Paul describes his music as "smart-ass social commentary tunes with catchy lyrics."

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Paul Moeller is a musician and songwriter living in North San Diego County.

His music offers a skewed kaleidoscope of intriguing observations into the human condition and the patchwork fabric of American culture. It's like a month of The Jerry Springer Show, Fox News, All My Children, Monday Night Football, the Home Shopping Network, South Park, and The 700 Club stuffed into a Cuisinart, pureed, and frozen into Popsicles for the kiddies to enjoy.

He will submerge listeners in politics, religion, sex, lust, greed, hedonism, fanaticism, and love, before the soon-to-be-enacted provisions of the Patriot Act classify large portions of pop culture to be a terrorist threat.

-- MySpace profile

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