Paper Forest

Sean Burdeaux: Vocals | Trevor Mast: Bass guitar | Danica Molenaar: Keyboards, Vocals | Glenn Romett: Drums

Genre: Noise | Xprmntl, Rock

RIYL: The High German Kites Band, Modest Mouse, Battles

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Inception: San Diego, 2005

Influences: Batwings, Blue Heron, Modest Mouse, Kickball, Battles


Paper Forest is an experimental rock band based in Coronado and fronted by Sean Burdeaux and bassist Trevor Mast (Joy).

Existing in various incarnations since 2005, the indie-rap-math-electro-pop-R&B group began exploring a new sound and songwriting process in 2010, with the addition of Danica Molenaar (Dusty Highway Band) on keys and backing vocals. Friends with Mast and Burdeaux since high school, Molenaar recently joined the group after a freestyle hip-hop jam at Burdeaux’s house involving an abundance of alcoholic energy drinks.

“We just let the Joose flow,” says Molenaar. “Auto-Tune, vocorder, and Joose are the bread and butter of Paper Forest. But beyond that, we are planning a summer West Coast tour with D/Wolves and Primitive Noyes.”

“In the music world, Auto-Tune is the worst, most addictive drug ever,” says Burdeaux. “It makes everything sound good, but if you use it too much, no one wants to listen to your music because it’s really annoying. But all that Auto-Tune shit is just for fun. We are working in a new direction. It’s still melodic and songwriterly but more fun, upbeat, technically proficient, and instrumental.”

Drummer Glenn Romett (Primitive Noyes) is also a new addition to the group. “My original goal was to get Sean to join my band,” says Romett. “But somehow I ended up in his. He had all of these great songs already. I want to make these songs the best they can be. I really believe in these guys.”

“I taught Glenn our new math breakdown right before the show in a text,” says Burdeaux. “It was sections of three and five and seven. And Glenn was, like, ‘Whoa! You just texted that to me!’ ”

“It’s gonna sound like we plugged an algebra book into an amplifier,” Burdeaux says regarding the new direction of the band. “Math-rock is such an awesome genre, so fun.”

Newcomer Molenaar, however, has a different vision of the future.

“We’re the next Lady Gaga.”

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