John Patton: Vocals | Bob Morris: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Kirt Simmons: Bass guitar | Johnny Q: Drums | Julie Dee: Keyboards

Genre: Pop, Rock

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San Diego's Opal (not to be confused with the same-named band that evolved into Mazzy Star) was a 1980s new romantic style band with the all the poofy hair and costumes of Duran Duran or Kajagoogoo, but about as much musical talent as the Kidz Bop versions of both. Their tracks included "Seduction," "Wilshire Park," "Another Day, Another Broken Heart," "Youth in Time," "Hotel Royale," and "Chambers," all of which they performed in Autumn 1984 on Cox Cable's local public access music TV show Club 33 (where they were the first area band asked back for a second performance taping).


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