Jared Hren: Drums | Jimmy Zadai: Bass guitar

Genre: Alternative, Punk, Rock

Sound description: Rowdy entry-level rock.

RIYL: Mower, Unwritten Law, Godsmack, AFI, Blink-182, Foo Fighters, MxPx

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Inception: Escondido, 1998

Ex-Band Members: Mike Chartland, Bass guitar

Current Status: "Off Track plans on endless touring, wild shows, tired, Internet-beaten fingers, and lots of rockin' adventures. So move quick, jump on board, and be ready to go Off Track."

Influences: People, sounds, and music of all kinds.


Off Track has been playing San Diego and touring surrounding states for over seven years, bringing energetic music and three-part harmonies to many lives. The roots of the band formed when original members Sam Roberson (guitarist) and Jared Hren (drummer) started jamming in middle school. They earned a bit of national notice for appearing and playing a song in Cameron Crowe’s film Almost Famous (they’re the band in the graduation scene), and they’ve landed songs on numerous compilations, including Boys on Top: A Tribute to Avril Lavigne.

They’re currently playing with bassist Jimmy Zadai, who replaced Mike Chartrand in late 2006. Jared Hren says the departure is just the latest instance of a “black cloud” following the band, citing an evening at the Epicentre as an example. “We presold $1200 in tickets, tons of people showed up, we load[ed] in, and they canceled the show because they couldn’t get a real soundman. They wouldn’t let us touch the gear, even though we know how to run sound. We even offered to bring in a big PA, but they shot it down."

Guitarist Sam Roberson says, “They rebooked us a while later, on a weeknight, but they offered no promotion, and it was near impossible to convince people to buy tickets again and drive down again.”

Off Track’s CD Explode was recorded with famed producer Ryan Greene (NoFX, Megadeth).


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