Notre Temps String Ensemble

Genre: Classical

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Inception: San Diego, 2008


Notre Temps String Ensemble is a community-based orchestra founded in 2008 under the direction of Michael Tagart. It exists to provide opportunities for music making to individuals who otherwise would not be given them. It is rare that the chance to meet in an orchestral setting is provided to people outside of well-funded schools or those who dedicated much of their childhood to learning an instrument. In an effort to promote the highest standards possible, most existing community orchestras have audition requirements for entrance or age restrictions.

Notre Temps (Our Time) is composed of over twenty members varying in age and ability level. These members come from all walks of life and represent many of the communities throughout the greater San Diego area. Connected by their love for music, the ensemble is not only an educational experience, but a social setting as well. It is through this love for music that our members are able to transcend the stigmas typically associated with playing an instrument later in life. The Notre Temps String Ensemble welcomes both members who have played their respective instruments earlier in life or those who have recently made the decision to learn to play.

The Ensemble does not hold entrance auditions, and any member of the community is warmly welcomed to join. Seating arrangements are fashioned to provide an optimal experience both musically and socially to its members. The repertoire is selected for its beauty and playability.

The Ensemble anticipates expanding its activities to provide music-related opportunities to others throughout the community. Through community involvement, the Notre Temps String Ensemble hopes to convey the message that music is for everyone.

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