The North Atlantic

Jason Hendrix: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals | Jason Richards: Bass guitar

Genre: Metal | Hardcore, Pop, Punk

Sound description: Math rock played with speed metal velocity and ferocity. Take Bright Eyes and let teenage Elvis Costello man the mic, and you'd have something very akin to the North Atlantic.

RIYL: Unwritten Law, Underminded, the Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower, the Locust, the Beautiful Mistake, Isis, Small Brown Bike, Hot Water Music, These Arms Are Snakes, the Clash

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Inception: San Diego, 1999

Ex-Band Members: Cullen Hendrix, Drums

Influences: Modest Mouse, Drive Like Jehu, Les Savy Fav, Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers, Devo, Shellac, Led Zeppelin, Mission of Burma, Archers of Loaf, Unwound, Fugazi, Bruce Springsteen, Timothy Leary, Built to Spill, Braid, Jawbreaker, Planes Mistaken for Stars, the Jesus Lizard, Atticus Finch, Jacques Derrida, Neil Young, Lightning Bolt, Hot Snakes, Homer Simpson, Lovesick, My Own Pine Box, Cursive, Hum, Failure, Shiner, Boilermaker, Coalesce, At the Drive In, the Mars Volta, Yes, King Crimson, Iron and Wine, Rites of Spring, Jawbox


Golden Hill-based band the North Atlantic consists of Jason Hendrix and Jason Richards. Drummer Cullen Hendrix left the band in July 2007.

The math rock trio from Michigan formed at Kalamazoo College in 1999 and migrated to SD within a year. The scored in 2006 with the alternative-radio hit "Scientist Girl."

Placing it number 8 on his list of 21 favorite songs for 2006, program director Jim McGuinn of online station Y-Rock described it thusly: "Post-punk Pavement-esque pop song with an insanely catchy chorus ('never trust a scientist girl!') and a bridge that quotes the Clash and rides out with a killer putdown ('I'd rather listen to the Clash all night than be with you')."

Alternative Press said "It's been argued that it's impossible to create anything wholly unique, and while that may be true, the North Atlantic are about as close as you can get."

A writer for wrote "I have to confess that math rock has always been one of those things Ive really wanted to get into but I have always had a hard time making a smooth transition from being a fan of it played live to fan of it on my stereo. The North Atlantic leave that problem in the dust on their new album, Wires in the Walls, by producing a perfect blend of absolute melody, rock, and math nerdness."

In July 2007, drummer Cullen Hendrix announced he was quitting the band, releasing a statement reading in part "The July 27th show, at Black Box Studios in San Diego, will be my last hometown show with the North Atlantic. Our performance at Denverfest, over Labor Day weekend, will be my last show with the band, period. I’m closing in on a finished dissertation and will be setting my sights on contributing to the world through scholarship, journalism, and playing music in and around my hometown (San Diego for the present)." Around the same time, Hendrix launched a local music blog

The North Atlantic then split, playing their final shows in 2007. Two of the three members, Jason Hendrix and Jason Richards, moved to Chicago. Their new project is called Big Science.


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