Chris Crim: Drums | Mike Lewis: Bass guitar | Clifford M. Jomuad: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals

Genre: Pop, Punk, Rock

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Inception: San Diego, 1984

Influences: The Who, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Dead Kennedys


NEIN is a power pop punk band formed in 1984 by guitarist Clifford and drummer Chris Crim. After recording a single -- “Upside Down” b/w “Who Breaks a Wheel on a Butterfly?” -- bassist Mike Lewis (aka mikelewismusic) joined, though the trio eventually split.

The band reunited in 2015 and began playing around town and on cable access TV's Yourself Presents, soon releasing an album called N2.0.

Then, "Unfortunately, NEIN won't be recording or gigging again," reported Clifford Marcial Jomuad in summer 2019. "I don't have any plans for anything else with them in the future. But, it was a great reunion ride and we do appreciate all of you who have followed us through the years."



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