Murder of Five

Johnny Stevenson: Vocals | Marc Gariepy: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Mark Murch: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Erick Menchaca: Drums | Zack Russell: Bass guitar

Genre: Blues & Soul, Rock

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Inception: San Diego, 2015

Ex-Band Members: James Bussard, Bass guitar

Influences: Buddy Guy, Rival Sons, Led Zeppelin, Alabama Shakes, Pink Floyd, Stone Riders, Alice in Chains


Murder of Five is an original hard rock band playing 1970s-style stoner blues desert rock. "We call each other and our fans Moffers," says guitarist Marc Gariepy. "We’re all good friends, laugh a lot, drink beer, and have fun every time we jam."

A six-song demo recorded at Blitz Recording was released in January 2016, with bassist James Bussard joining the group to record a full-length later that year. "The rest of the band has known each other for over fifteen years, but never had a chance to play together until 2015 when Mark [Murch, guitarist] and Johnny [Stevenson, vocalist] moved back from Vegas and Erick [Menchaca, drummer] came back from Alaska. That was the first opportunity for all of us to get together."

As of 2019, the lineup included Johnny Stevenson, Marc Gariepy, Mark Murch, Erick Menchaca, and Zack Russell replacing bassist James Bussard. A new single dropped in January 2019, "Holding Me Down."


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