Mad Cow Disease

Bernie: Vocals | Jeremy: Guitar (electric) | Andy: Bass guitar | Jorge: Drums | Miguel: Saxophone

Genre: Punk, Reggae & Ska

Sound description: Ska-core.

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Inception: San Diego, 2005

Influences: Sekta Core, Matamoska, Panteón Rococó, Immortal Technique, Lower Class Brats, AFI, the Casualties, Minor Threat, NWA, the Oi! Scouts, the Devotchkas, Rage Against the Machine, Municipal Waste


Mad Cow Disease is a four-member ska-core band from the hood representing all of San Diego. The band consists of Bernie, Jeremy, Andy, Jorge, and Miguel. They started out as a street punk band back in 2005, but as time passed and everyone was a bit more open-minded about music, they began to blend ska, hardcore, and reggae into their songs. Their music will make you skank, pit, and even hardcore dance at times.

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