Lonely Mattress Salesman

Steve Loase: Keyboards, Vocals | Kentaro Aoki: Drums | Justin Billingsley: Bass guitar, Vocals

Genre: Alternative, Pop, Punk

RIYL: Coldplay, Reeve Oliver

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Current Status: The band has relocated to Los Angeles.

Influences: The Fray, Matchbox 20, Coldplay, Rufus Wainwright


Lonely Mattress Salesman is a 3-piece, piano-driven rock band from San Diego who brings power and intensity to the seemingly wussy piano-rock genre. Edgier then Keane, less preening then Coldplay, more mainstream then Radiohead, and stronger vocally then Ben Folds, LMS has a unique presence in the L.A. rock scene. Imagine Muse and the Beatles in a knife fight while Chris Martin officiates. A guitarless band has never sounded so huge. One listen to their newly recorded demo will confirm that their slogan is no exaggeration, “Piano rock that actually rocks.”

-- MySpace profile

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