Michael Quinones: Beats, DJ, Vocals | Gonjasufi: Beats, DJ, Vocals | David Lampley: Beats, DJ | Jonathan Calzo: Beats, DJ

Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap

RIYL: E-Kay619, ZONIAK1000, Infinity Gauntlet, Scatter Brain the Acid Atheist, Masters of the Universe, Kid Koala, Gonjasufi, the Gaslamp Killer, Rakim, Splurgeo, DJ Skizz, DJ Shadow, Skrapez Crew, Odessa Kane, Civil War, Red Lotus

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Inception: San Diego, 2003

Influences: Masters of the Universe, Rakim, Eloheim, Ice-T, the Game, Illuminauts, DJ Pound


Half-Filipino, half-Mexican rapper and producer Michael Quiñones, sometimes aka Scatter Brain the Acid Atheist, got his start with Masters of the Universe around 2003. That group, which has been around since the early 1990s, has also included his older brother Frankie Quiñones (aka Odessa Kane), as well as former local Gonjasufi, and Genghis Khan, with whom Quiñones produced an album called Night Gallery in 2012.

Quiñones provided some beats for the 2003 Masters of the Universe full-length Nephlim Modulation Systems. Around the same time, he cofounded Kilowattz with Gonjasufi and instrumental beat duo Skrapez (David Lampley aka Psychopop, and Jonathan Calzo aka Tenshun), releasing a full-length called Wrought of Chaos.


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