Josh Rosenblum

Josh Rosenblum: Bass guitar, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Keyboards, Trumpet, Vocals

Genre: Rock

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Josh Rosenblum released his album Move Yourself in early 2019. "The album is labeled as pop/rock, but our jazz, funk, and blues roots always find a way into our music in one way or another," he says of the entirely self produced and independently released LP. Backup players included Cedric Jones (drums/cajon) and Andrew Melendez (bass).

"It's designed to get you up and moving. I wrote the album as motivational encouragement to 'move on' from negativity, while still maintaining the realist perspective that everything in life takes work to accomplish. It's also an homage to my relocation to Southern California [in summer 2018]. I'm 28 today, and I spent my entire life living in my hometown of Modesto performing music full time with the weddings, bars, private events, never truly knowing what other opportunities could be out there waiting. So my wife and I decided to take our little dog and cat and just take the chance and move, which inspired the drive behind Move Yourself."

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