It's Tomorrow in Japan

Genre: Electro | DJ, Noise | Xprmntl

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According to the band's unnamed frontman:

"The magnetic frequency of the earth is 7.8Hz. This 7.8Hz is also the same frequency the cells in your body create when they reproduce. The more of this frequency the body comes in contact with, the healthier your cells will be. Having healthy cells is the key to staying as healthy as possible on all levels in the body.

"I have invented a box that hooks up to my CD players that changes the frequency of all the music I play to 7.8Hz. I call this invention the "Electro-Magnetic Pulse Generator." By listening to my mix you will be improving your health on a cellular level. The feeling of energy, vigor, happiness, excitement, stress release, self confidence etc. etc. are all the benefits of having healthy cells brought on by my latest mix."


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