Immortal Maggot C*nt

Adam: Bass guitar, Drums

Genre: Alternative, Punk

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Inception: San Diego, 2000


“The only rule we have is that we have to be drunk to write or play our songs,” says drummer/bassist Adam of Immortal Maggot C*nt, whose very name limits them to the private house party circuit. “Yeah, we occasionally piss some people off, especially religious nuts and feminists. We have one song called ‘Jesus Walked on Water Because He Was Light in the Loafers’…the one that really gets a reaction is ‘The Only Reason Guys Show Girls Porn Is So They Get The F*cking Point.’ Girls boo us. Guys like it, though. Kinda like porn itself.” The 23-year-old says women in the audience don’t always complain. “They’ll sing along to ‘Black Guys Have Pitbull Dicks.’”

Formed in 2000, the band has released two albums, with a third, Funboy Techno in progress. Adam says they sometimes play what he calls “accidental” gigs. “Like, we went to a party with some emo band playing and, after they were done, we just picked up their stuff and started playing. We were drunk and we did about three of our songs, while downing a bunch more beer.”

What about the instrument owners? “They went somewhere and weren’t around, and nobody ever said anything to us. I think everyone thought we were supposed to be [playing].” And the audience reaction? “The house emptied out and everyone went outside, probably to cry and do each other’s hair. That’s what they do at emo parties.”


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