Grizzly Business

Brian Vilven: Bass guitar | Walter Ayllon: undetermined | Corey McComb: undetermined | Matt Burke: Drums | Jano Aste-Nieto: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric)

Genre: Rock

RIYL: Spero, Hello Penelope, the Shins, the Strokes

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Influences: Pavement, Dr. Dog, Spoon, Modest Mouse, the Shins, Interpol, Roger Waters, the Killers


Indie rock band Grizzly Business was formed by Walter Ayllon and Matt Burke, who'd already played in a cover band together, joined by Corey McComb and Brian Vilven. They released their pop tune “Rich Girls” in February 2015, followed soon by their self-titled debut album.

"Our worst gig ever was technically our first and almost last gig ever," Walter Ayllon told the Reader. "We were auditioning at Cuyamaca College to be taken on as a class project for their marketing students. We went in feeling totally confident and, needless to say, none of those kids wanted anything to do with us. At one point, Matt started playing a completely different beat, then stopped playing altogether, and I put my foot in my mouth during Q&A to compare ourselves to the Beatles. Bear Suit Business Bureau would probably still be our name if we hadn't sucked so bad that day. There's actually YouTube footage of it somewhere. I still want to quit just thinking about it."

A collection of several songs called Spanish Old-Fashion was released in January 2017. "This release is hard to define," according to Ayllon. "It started as 'let's just do one song,' but we were having such a good time recording with our buddy Michael Bokosky in Point Loma that it somehow grew into a four song EP and before we knew it expanded into seven. We don't know the politics behind calling it a CD, an EP, or LP, so we're just letting it be."

The indie rockers toured Europe in January 2017, announcing "If anyone has family in southern England, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, or Paris that would love to have their living rooms invaded by a couple of well-mannered American lads, they're in luck!"

Shortly after the 2017 European tour, drummer Matt Burke signed up to play with Mittens as well. Also, bassist Brian Vilven, drummer Matthew Burke, and guitarist Jano Aste-Nieto joined former Saint Diego singer/guitarist Spencer Yenson in his band the Squatters.

Their Spanish Old-Fashioned full-length won Best Indie/Alternative Album at the 2018 San Diego Music Awards.


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