Future Shock

Capture the Elusive: undetermined | DJ DNA: MC | Sojourn the Transient: undetermined | Ahred Strange Indeed: undetermined | Ajax Starglider: undetermined

Genre: Hip-Hop & Rap

Sound description: Hip-hop.

RIYL: KrsOne, N3RO

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Inception: Oceanside, 1995

Influences: KrsOne, Public Enemy, Acid Reign, N3RO, Plain J.A.N.E., Lil Uno, Living Legends, Mars Ill, Abstract Rude, Emanon, Grits, Gift of Gab, Lateef the Truth Speaker, Pigeon John


Formed in the mid 90s, this hip-hop group has been steadily building its reputation as a creative and vital voice in the culture. With the release of their first record, Remember the Future (Oct. ’96, Brainstorm Artists Group, Exec Prod. Gene Eugene), they firmly established themselves as a creative force in hip-hop music. Unafraid to explore the more abstract constructs of songwriting, they fearlessly chartered an innovative course into the minds of hip-hop fans. But it wasn’t until their sophomore release in April 2002, The Art of Xenos: Entertaining Aliens (Syntax Records), that Ahred (formerly redbonz), Ajax, and Sojourn’s sincerity and honest lyricism would make a permanent place for them in the ever-changing landscape of underground hip-hop.

Since the release of Xenos, Future Shock has been increasingly in demand, doing shows from San Diego to Phoenix to Bandung, Indonesia. The single from Xenos, "Little Bit," was picked up by Urb magazine to be distributed for promoting “hot” new hip-hop acts. And recent features in Modern Fix and Feed magazines have recognized them as a group to watch in the coming years.

Future Shock has recently strengthened their already formidable lineup by combining efforts with longtime friends Solseekers (Capture the Elusive and DJ DNA). Solseekers are probably best known for their domination of the MP3 Hip-Hop charts with the single “Audience of One” in the late '90s that held the number-one spot for several weeks, beating out Master P, Snoop Dogg, and Q-tip from A Tribe Called Quest.

The merger of the two groups into one “super” group was just a formality, as they had spent the last two years working for the same production company (The Inklings), collaborating on projects (see Xenos and Solseekers' Halfway There EP), and touring together throughout SoCal.

With the new lineup and live stage show, Future Shock is poised to take the “over”ground by storm. Since their ’03 album, Future Shock is determined to continue in excellence, creativity, and innovation. With several high-profile producers and artists collaborating on the project, it should no doubt be the best album yet. Future Shock looks to have the integrity, creativity, and longevity to be “one of those groups” to make a difference in the hip-hop community.

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