The FuckLordz

Randy Hicks: Guitar (electric), Vocals | Nox Anger: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals | Rowland Bluntz: Bass guitar, Vocals | Tony Lumbo: Drums, Vocals

Genre: Metal | Hardcore, Punk, Rock

Sound description: Unpretty metallic punk.

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Inception: San Diego, 2005

Ex-Band Members: Donny Always, Bass guitar Jesse Ellis, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric)

Influences: The Meat Men, Mentors, Gang Green, Agnostic Front, Crimpshine, Motorhead, G.G. Allin, Social Spit, Jon Cougar Concentration Camp, Fear, the Dead Boys, Dropkicks, Sham69, Misfits, Fifteen, Bouncing Souls, Swingin Utters, the Clash, Social Distortion


The FuckLordz are fronted by Randy Hicks (the ButtUglys). After the 2005 release of their debut full-length Garage Sessions (produced by Todd Allen), they did a west coast tour with the Mentors. More recording commenced in 2008, though much of that music remains unreleased.

“The album turned out sounding overproduced and was extremely disappointing,” says Hicks. As for other songs recorded with Chris Hartjen, CEO of Effem Recordz, “That material is still unreleased due to an incident at the owner’s house involving Donny [Always, former bassist] and an unnamed assailant. Needless to say, the professional relationship of Effem Recordz and the FuckLordZ ceased to exist, and the only material that was released was a rough EP, and I mean ROUGH, in which we played some of our best songs, but as shitty as humanly possible!”

After guitarist Jesse Ellis (the Peculiars) was replaced by Nox Anger (DeadDaze), much of the band’s music was re-recorded by Jon Hasz, owner of Ramona Music Center. Around the time of their next full-length Straight Outta the Toilet, bassist Donny Always (Lenin and the Bolsheviks) was replaced by Rowland Bluntz.

More tracks were recorded with Rik Carette. “He was hand-selected by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickenson to produce Bruce’s solo project,” says Hicks, “as well as playing rhythm guitar on over two hundred European tour dates. He’s the man. Drums don’t get a more live sound than with a good old Neve compressor with Germanium transformers. Rik’s collection of vintage British equipment proved to be a very valuable asset, as it brought the drum sound to the front and equalized it in the mix without overshadowing anything else.”

The band played over fifty local shows in 2010, as well as sharing the stage with the Angry
Samoans, Sprung Monkey, Leftover Crack, Gangreen, G.F.I., and the Mentors. Their full-length Brainz Not Inkluded was released in 2011.

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