Frank Lee Drennen

Frank Lee Drennen: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals | Gary Sullivan: Drums, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Tim Boland: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Grant Lee Phillips: Bass guitar, Vocals | Ben Moore: Keyboards

Genre: Alternative, Punk, Rock

Sound description: Indie punk lite.

RIYL: Loam, Gregory Page

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Influences: Loam, Inch, the Hatchett Brothers, Gregory Page, Wirepony, Acetone, Petrol


"My dad was in the Marine Corps," says Frank Lee Drennen. "He was in the E.O.D. (Explosive Ordinance Disposal); he blew things up for a living. My mama lives in a silver mining camp town esablished in the early 1860s called Chloride. It's in Arizona. Her family is from Arkansas. Her dad, Homer Gunn, was a traveling preacher. Gramdpa Gunn's mother was named Roxy Gunn. Dad's parents are from West Virginia. Grandma Drennen's maiden name was Littlepage and she was born in a Lumber Camp. Lee Andrew Drennen, my Grandpa, was a factory worker and played the piano."

In addition to being a photographer, Drennen says "I play a cream Fender Telecaster through a late 1960s all point-to-point tube driven Ampeg with one 12" Jensen speaker called a Rocket. I also shoot with Pentax Spotmatic F 35mm cameras (pre-kmounts. Screw mount lenses -- very cheap but with a musical quality). Oympus XA is also a favorite."

His band Dead Rock West made its local mark with their album Honey and Salt. "It's the best record I have ever been a part of making," he said at the time. The album was recorded in Echo Park, CA, and mixed in Nashville by Richard Dodd (Wilco, Tom Petty, George harrison, Steve Earle, Roy Orbison).

Drennen has also played in the Hatchet Brothers, Loam, Songo Bongo, and Stewboss. A documentary film about his career, More Love, was produced in 2015 by David and Barbarella Fokos.

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