Susan Peters: Keyboards, Vocals

Genre: Rock

RIYL: Crimson Moon, Old Man Wizard, Benedictum, the Cured, Bloodbat, Fields of the Nephilim, London Below, Tragic Tantrum, Daemos, Ruines ov Abaddon

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Influences: Joy Division, the Cure, Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, the Trees, Nick Cave, Siouxie & the Banshees


Fiction was a 1990s goth rock band fronted by singer-keyboardist Susan Peters. Their seven-track CD called One Million Hundred Tries was released at the beginning of 1991 on their own Annex label, which cost them over $4000 to record and press. Lyrically, the band tended to favor storytelling, including an epic prog-heavy track called "Monk By The Sea," inspired by the same-named painting by German artist Caspar David Friedrich.


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