Fake Booby Judy

James Kruk: Bass guitar, Vocals | Ace Davids: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric) | Sinnie Long: Percussion

Genre: Pop, Rock

Sound description: Satirical pop-rock.

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Influences: Johnny Cash, David Lindley, Jim Lewin, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, Syd Barrett, Tom Waits, the Stooges


Many years ago, the noted psychic Cosmic Daniel formed a backing band for his sonic séances. Then, Daniel was called to the other side and Fake Booby Judy was born. They were given the daunting task of making those on this plane of existence realize this life was but a short glimmer of light, therefore it should be filled with as much laughter as possible. Fake Booby Judy is an entity in and of herself, for when the gentlemen perform, the spirits of the cosmos come down and occupy the human vessels of Kruk, Long, and Davids as Judy emerges to sing her celestial song.

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