Extinct Animals

Eric Oliver: Drums, Percussion | Todd Price: Bass guitar, Electronics, Guitar (electric), Vocals | Luke Helms: Bass guitar, Drums, Electronics, Percussion, Vocals

Genre: Alternative, Rock

Sound description: Politically conscious rock.

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Audio clips

Extinct Animals: "Bombs"


Inception: San Diego, 2008

Influences: Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Bauhaus, the Motor City 5, Slint, Brainiac, June of 44, TV on the Radio, Fugazi, Unwound, Pavement


Extinct Animals came into existence as a band in early 2008. Consisting of three members, they use music and mixed media in order to expose the truth and consequences of human social and political actions. Staunchly embedded in the environmental movement and left-leaning liberal political policies, Extinct Animals hope to bring life to civic duty.

All of their music consists of themes ranging from the environment, renewable resources, pollution, global warming, politics, planet extinction. the antiwar movement, social and economic injustice, equality for all, and defending civil rights and due processes under the Constitution.

Musically, their style is diverse from shoegaze, goth-rock, garage punk, indie rock, and post-rock.

Todd Price, Luke Helms, and Eric Oliver have all played in various local bands including Fkenal, Batwings, Altaira, Team Abraham, Cabuloan, O'er the Night, Carlo Marx, and others.

Based in South Park, their full-length Cause and Effect was released in 2012.


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