Error Massage

Glen Galloway: Electronics, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals

Genre: Noise | Xprmntl, Rock

RIYL: Sumatraban, Octagrape, Soul-Junk, Trumans Water

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Influences: Brian Eno, Michael Oldfield, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk


Glen Galloway (aka Glen Galaxy, of Sumatraban, Octagrape, Soul-Junk, and Trumans Water) says he started recording sound experiments (“mostly guitar, some processed keys, some hitting random resonant saturated things”) and mixing them as a “futurist homage to [Brian] Eno’s batwing eagle-ear capture of the No New York sessions.”

Two Error Massage full-lengths were released in 2016, a CDR called Rooby on the Chocolate Monk label and another called NonAggress on Tape Drift. A third recording on an Italian cassette label was released in 2017.


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