Doug Rodrigues

Doug Rodrigues: Vocals

Genre: Alternative, Blues & Soul, Rock

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Doug Rodrigues is a singer, songwriter, composer, and author of a brand new children's book entitled What Kind of Clothes Does a Leather Bear Wear.

This dynamic artist comes from a family full of talented artists. So, you can say that he has music running so deep in his veins, that if you cut him, musical notes will spill out.

With over 100 songs written, he has finally started to put together his catalogue. With soulful vocals and a heartfelt delivery, his lyrics are smooth, catchy, and will stick with you all day long. The last two songs on his debut CD are dedicated to "the brave and heroic soldiers of the United States military," with the last song dedicated to all of the soldiers that have selflessly given their lives to protect their freedoms and families.

Not one to be afraid to bare his heart and soul through his music, Rodrigues now offers this to the world in the hopes of creating awareness towards the quest for worldwide peace, brotherly love, and the preservation of the Earth through musical freedom.


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