Mike Fish: Vocals | Jennifer Argenti: Violin | Manuel Rueda: Beats, Drums

Genre: Alternative, Rock

RIYL: Wavves, Tape Deck Mountain

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Inception: Leucadia, 2007

Influences: Radiohead


Dakotafish is a project of musician-songwriter Mike Fish. He creates, sings, and plays much of the music and instruments. For his self-titled EP, Manuel Rhueda provided some of the drumming, electronic manipulations, and foreign linguistics for the second EP. Classically trained violinist Jennifer Argenti contributes to the orchestral endeavors. A video for the song "Landlocked" includes hand animation using 1,400 drawings by graphic artist Mike Lichter.

Dakotafish produces music out of a small studio in Leucadia. The root of the inspiration was dug up somewhere in the Badlands of South Dakota. In February 2009, Dakotafish released a second EP, Motion in Relation to Other Objects.


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