Steve Bidrowski: Drums | Chris Creasman: Bass guitar, Vocals | Barry Scott: Guitar (electric), Vocals | Jeff Becker: Guitar (electric), Vocals | Mighty Joe Longa: Harmonica, Keyboards | Mark DeCerbo: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals

Genre: Rock

RIYL: The Unknowns, the States, Four Eyes, Joey Harris and the Mentals), Rockola

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The launching ground for a lot of music scene mainstays, Copenhagen played a mix of rock and powerpop. They released one single in 1977, “Don’t Sail Too Near the Wind” b/w “Tonight.”

Members included singer/bassist Chris Creasman, drummer Steve Bidrowski (later with the Unknowns), singer/guitarist Barry Scott (later with the States, who released one album on Chrysalis and another on Boardwalk, and the Remnants, who later changed their name to the Monroes), singer/guitarist Jeff Becker (later with Four Eyes), keyboardist Mighty Joe Longa (later with Joey Harris and the Mentals), and singer/guitarist Mark DeCerbo (later of Four Eyes, Rockola, and the Steely Damned).

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