Harley Magsino: Bass guitar | Isaac Crow: Drums | bUk FiDy: Keyboards

Genre: Jazz, Rock

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Inception: San Carlos, 2011


Sometimes known as Harley’s Monster, or sometimes the Beef Wellingtons, bLUMPY is a trio based in San Carlos, featuring Harley Magsino (Samba de Toquali, Hectic Watermelon), Isaac Crow (Latin Jazz Quartet), and Kris Korsgaden, aka local rapper bUk FiDy.

Multi-instrumentalist Magsino is originally from the Philippines and has his Masters from SDSU. Drummer Crow is a San Diego native working on his Masters at SDSU in 2012. Keyboardist FiDy is a “failed politician who has returned to music with a vengeance.”

Their full length bUk FiDy and the Purple Headed Yogurt Slingers was released in 2012.



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