Billy Galewood: Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Vocals

Genre: Acoustic, Rock

RIYL: Jason Mraz, Michael Tiernan, John Mayer, Rob Crow, Simeon Flick, Rob Deez

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Influences: James Taylor, Beck, David Byrne


Billy "Bushwalla" Galewood started in Cleveland, Ohio, later moving to New York City to study musical theater at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy. There, he breathed fire and juggled on street corners for a time in order to make ends meet. Which he still does, on occasion, in his stage act, while playing music.

He met Jason Mraz at a party and they subsequently became roommates, and then musical partners. Among their collaborations is the song "Curbside Prophet," which ended up on a Mraz album.

Bushwalla eventually ended up in California, where he continued to hone his eclectic acoustic/hip-hop sound. Known for his freestyle skills on the microphone, he has toured extensively throughout the U.S., independently releasing his album Ghetto Blaster, which features Spooner Oldham, Speechwriters LLC, Tristan Prettyman, and Jason Mraz’s rhythm section.

Throughout 2006, Bushwalla and his band had a regular gig every Sunday at Twiggs Coffeehouse in San Diego, with guests including Jason Mraz, Ainslie Henderson, Jessie Payo, Carlos Olmeda, Toca Rivera, and others. He also became a fixture at Java Joe's and elsewhere. In 2008, Bushwalla was part of the Music, Magic, Make Peace Tour with headliner Jason Mraz, the Makepeace Brothers, and magician Justin Kredible.

In late 2015, Galewood announced plans to retire his Bushwalla persona, in favor of performing and recording under his given name. His final album as Bushwalla, Ordinary Tales of Madness, was released in June 2016, preceded by the single “Pound for Pound.” The album, which features collaborations with over forty artists including Spooner Oldham, Jason Mraz, Carlton “Santa” Davis, Austin-based songwriter Bob Schneider, and the Vibrometers, blends acoustic, hip-hop, electric, and funk sounds with storytelling, comedy, and honesty to complete the Bushwalla legacy.

“This album represents my path to reinvention and saying goodbye to my time as Bushwalla,” said Galewood. “The album is a story about getting back to your own version of what’s rad and remembering you never lost it. My entire music family appears on the album and I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside these talented artists who have joined me in my musical journey for so many years. I hope my amazing fans enjoy listening to my transformation in wanting something new and different for myself, and at the end of it all, be a time for others to look into their own lives and reflect.”


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