Dave Fleminger: Bass guitar, Guitar (acoustic), Guitar (electric), Keyboards | Dave Anderson: Drums | Tony Suarez: Bass guitar

Genre: Rock

RIYL: Noise 292, the Rock'n Dogs, Hair Theater, the Morlocks, the Mirrors, Alvino & the Dwells

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Influences: Lemons Are Yellow


The Answers were an early eighties band co-founded by former Lemons Are Yellow guitarist Dave Fleminger. He met junior high school drummer David Anderson and bassist Tony Suarez at an I-Spy concert.

They recorded demos in Suarez’s garage in summer 1982. As Fleminger explains in an essay posted at http://cheunderground.com/blog/?p=9305#more-9305, “The Green Cassette session was played and sung live to cassette, two microphones, onto a grungy used cassette tape, JSL brand, that was chosen for its green stripes and because we probably ran out of new tapes.”

Fleminger also played with Everybody Violet and the Mirrors. The Answers reunited to play the Casbah in January, 2009. After twenty years of living elsewhere, Fleminger moved back to San Diego, after which the Answers reunited again on July 31, 2010, for the Che Underground Rock ‘N’ Roll Weekend.

Bassist/guitarist Tony Suarez, aka Al Flack, later played alongside Fleminger with surf rockers Alvino & the Dwells.

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