A Weeks Worth

Hometown CD Review 3-2-06
Album title: A Weeks Worth

A Weeks Worth is a talented band. The drum work is solid, and the guitar is electric and sharp. Post-production effects and keyboard complement the songs and are well placed. The vocals are obscured by the poor recording, but from what I can tell, they are uninspired and not worth remembering. Further Seems Forever or Dashboard Confessional are similar bands, and a weeks worth vocals have that same emo sound.

"Asylum," the second track, is a little heavier, but that's like saying Jimmy Eat World is a little heavier. The vocals dip a bit on this one, and the feel is blue and dark but with a driving rhythm. "Irrelevant," the third song, sounds like the soft sad music that might play on Friends when Ross and Rachel have had a fight and he's staring mournfully out a rain-streaked window.

This CD is not something I would keep around, but it would be nice if you caught them at a live show and you were depressed and drinking beer.


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