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Chinchilla, Rosalyns, Cryptobebelem

The Casbah

April 26, 8pm

Little Italy

Collage Menage

Second Wind (San Carlos)

May 1, 8pm

San Carlos

Circle Takes the Square, Griever, La Bella

Ché Café

May 2, 7pm


Seventrain, Taz Taylor Band, Brett Ellis

The Jumping Turtle

May 2, 7:30pm

San Marcos
S.M.C. and Xanadoodz

S.M.C. and Xanadoodz

Pier View Pub

May 2, 8pm – 1am


Manic Hispanic and Homeless Sexuals

The Casbah

May 4, 8pm

Little Italy

DFMK, Homeless Sexuals, White Murder

The Shakedown Bar

May 9, 8pm

Midway District

DevilDriver, Whitechapel, Carnifex

House of Blues

May 21, 6pm

Downtown San Diego

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