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Particularly Rambunctious

Re: #1 regarding CF's Slip-N-Slide. I think this one really encompasses exactly how I feel about them and why I will never go on another one of these evil, fun-deceiving bastards ever again. As for the blog itself, can there be another rule that allows adults to take their shirts off and scream and flail their arms while running down aisle #7 at the Rite-Aid? I mean, if we're going to erect adult-size playgrounds, let's go big. Let's be allowed to pick our noses in public without scrutiny or comments like, "Digging for gold?" Let's wear our clothes inside out without people thinking we're trying to start a terrible fashion trend. And if we like someone of the opposite sex, let's kick them in the shins or send them notes with boxes for them to check so they know we want them to go steady with us. I have an 8 year old inside me that's screaming to get out so I'm really pulling for these new rules to be enacted.
— December 13, 2009 12:43 a.m.

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