Trailer Park archive for February, 2013

Trailer Park: the mundane horrors of Dark Skies

Haven't seen this one yet, but there are some genuine chills in the trailer. Children who don't come home for ...

Trailer Park: Escape from Planet Earth

How many acts of cinematic theft can you pack into one trailer?

Let's take a look! Beloved super-dude appears before huge crowd of adoring fans and kisses a baby. Wow, haven't seen ...

Trailer Park: The Internship

I don't think they're even trying any more. Just. Wow. What is the sound of one film pandering? Let's begin. Vince Vaughn is 42. Owen Wilson is ...

Trailer Park: Top Gun 3D

Some crucial omissions! I mean, yeah, 3D dogfights are probably cool, but we all know why everybody's going, right? 3D Buns! ...

Trailer Park: Day of the Falcon

Not to be confused withe Day of the Jackal or Day of the Triffids. This film got made in 2011, but for whatever reason, it's coming out here in 2013. The premise isn't ...

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