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Stories by Sue Greenberg

Dragon’s Blood Sangria at Laurel

12 oz. red wine-3 oz. brandy 2 oz. triple sec 2 oz. orange juice 2 oz. pineapple juice 1 oz. simple syrup 1/2 oz. anisette Top with 2 oz. Sprite and garnish with fresh fruit ...

Tell Me What You're Wearing

Everyone is watching you.

“My biggest fashion faux pas was wearing gauchos to work every day.”

More Blood, More Pus, More Mucus

"This is horrible, this stuff about your mother. Just awful, Susie." Not since my father had someone called me Susie. And not since my father had the endearment arrived with such menace. "It's what I ...

Mean Girls

'Do you think you're pretty?" A strip of tawny brown hair, chewed at the ends, dawdles by her nose. She stands at the top of the stairs and tilts her head to the side, flipping ...

Little Italy

Date & IndiaFriday night Tight-jeaned girl pays attendant, strolls sideways, spots her pal. Redhead descends from SUV, looks back to lock (beep-beep), and long-legs a diagonal to Princess Pub’s pint-swilling lads, who posture by stools ...

Terra, Bread and Cie, Adams Avenue Grill, Wolfgang Puck, Hornblower Yachts

Chefs' favorite cookbooks

Also, The French Laundry Cookbook. What you learn about Tom Keller is that he does the best; it may not be something you’ll do, like make a consomme, but it does allow you to take from him the foundation.

100 Grateful San Diegans

Diane Jones30Marketing DirectorMarriedCollege AreaInterviewed at the Natural History Museum, Balboa Park I’m grateful that my father — he’s 63 — is healthy and happy. He had an accident last year; he had a flesh-eating bacteria ...

“Mah” means flax plant, "jongg" means sparrow

Not an old ladies' game

“I knew that playing mahj would be a great way to meet new people… They’re catching on and getting faster,” she says of her students. “But it’s not easy: one gal used to come with a bottle of aspirin.”

Friday Night at Dad's

Poway’s famous bar undergoes media scrutiny

“It has nothing to do with someone being a swinger. I’m a polygamist. Anyone’s beliefs have nothing to do with how well you protect your children or how well you protect your wife or husband."

Put Something on Those Feet

Moe: Not with the bare feet! Susie: Dad, I’m just going in the back yard. Moe: I wouldn’t go out there with the bare feet, Susie. You don’t know what’s on the ground. Those birds ...

Sweat Cuisine

Food workers' food

You're out for dinner. Your waiter, hovering tableside, recites tonight's specials while you feign interest, a captive listener with a frozen smile on your face. You might wonder, as he rattles on about the wonders ...

The Summer Diet of Donna Delicious

Always a bowl of sunflower seeds in the corner of her desk, next to a glass of diet iced tea. Her right hand darted for the seeds, and with three fingers she brought them to ...

Drop Dead Gorgeous: San Diegans Plan Their Funerals

People should think about their funerals "early on," says Ken Hayes, vice dent of El Camino Memorial Park and Mortuaries, “You should think about dying as soon as you're able to reason with the rest ...

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