Warner Springs

Near desert places

A changed Jacumba, the little towns of Highway 80, and the drama of Warner Springs

A Quiet Street and an Old Hotel He smeared my whole body and face with mineral oil and began rubbing it around with a machine that whined and felt warm. A cord led from his ...

In search of the unwanted

This land is mine: The Cupeño removal of 1903, part two of four

U.S. government didn’t fool Cecilio Blacktooth.

Barker Valley

Hike in a secluded mountain valley in the shadow of Palomar Mountain

Barker Valley, sitting at the southern end of Palomar Mountain and between the peak of Palomar Mountain to the north and Lake Henshaw to the south, is one of the most remote and least-visited locations ...

SOHO seeks volunteer craftsmen for Adobe University

Local preservationist group Saving Our Heritage Organisation has issued a call for participants in a renewal of its Adobe University program to train modern amateur craftsmen in the art of adobe construction. According to a ...

Pala Indians don't get Warner Springs Ranch

But unusual bankruptcy court deal suggests Pala may eventually triumph.

Bankruptcy Court Judge Louise Adler has awarded ailing Warner Springs Ranch to the low bidder, denying it to the Pala Indians, but an unusual twist suggests to some skeptics that the tribe will eventually get ...

Hiking the Pacific Crest Trail along Agua Caliente Creek

Stands of majestic oaks and sycamores line a bubbling stream along a section of the trail.

Hike to San Diego County’s Eagle Rock on the PCT

No doubt why it is called “Eagle Rock”

Be amazed by a rock formation that really looks like an eagle!

Don’t Lien on Me: The Pala Band Tries to Return to Warner Springs

In 1903, Native Americans who had occupied Warner Hot Springs and surrounding land for many generations were forced by the United States to evacuate in a three-day trek called the Trail of Tears. But a ...

Death Alley

The Butterfield Stage line between Warner’s Ranch and Oak Grove was a narrow trail, dusty in summer, soggy in winter, rutted the year round. On its weekly treks, the stage always stopped at Deadman’s Hole, ...

Caliente Wilderness

North of Warner Springs, a several-miles-long segment of the 2650-mile Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) traverses Cleveland National Forest land that may one day be designated the “Caliente Wilderness Area.” Certainly the area is remote enough ...

Hot Water

The most attractive asset of the Warner Springs Ranch is the spring-fed, hot mineral water pool. So maybe it’s fitting that through the years, this backcountry ranch has been in financial hot water. After opening ...

Concert IMBY

Steve Rohrer booked the bands for "Ranchita Rocks," a three-day event at which 40 bands will play. Concertgoers are encouraged to camp out on the 160-acre Golightly Farms Ranch between Warner Springs and Julian. Rohrer's ...

Horse Sense

A horse which stops dead just before a jump and thus propels its rider into a graceful arc provides a splendid excuse for general merriment. -- Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh I t was 8 ...

Care Package

Absence is to love as wind is to fire; it extinguishes the small and kindles the great. -- Roger De Bussy-Rabutin I was reluctant to leave, even though it had been my decision to go. ...

To Protect Creation

'I spent four hours in a real intense sandstorm," says activist Kelly Fuller. "I had a painter's mask and a bandana on and pulled the hood of my jacket down over my face. When it ...

The Pacific Crest Trail follows the currently lively Agua Caliente Creek near Warner Springs

Until about 30 years ago, the canyon of Agua Caliente Creek, in the Cleveland National Forest above Warner Springs, seldom saw the intrusion of humans. After the 2600-mile-long Pacific Crest Trail was routed through, it ...

Indian Flats, in the Cleveland National Forest near Warner Springs, offers mellow summer camping

What better way is there to pique a child's interest in nature than to introduce him or her to a shallow, lazily flowing river full of tadpoles and frogs? At Indian Flats Campground, you can ...

Bag San Diego County's highest peak-Hot Springs Mountain-on the Los Coyotes Indian Reservation.

Some of the loftiest -- and loneliest -- mountain country in San Diego County lies on the 25,000-acre Los Coyotes Indian Reservation. You won't find any casino here, but you will discover San Diego County's ...

An Indian Chief Envisions the Mother of All Warpaths

But Cahuilla Juan Antonio turns over Cupeno rebel Garra to white man

On November 25, the Los Angeles County judge, Augustin Olvera, advised Juan Antonio to contact Garra about the uprising. “If Garra could explain his grievances,” Olvera wrote, “the problem could be settled without further violence.”

Your Dad Arrested My Dad

Backcountry sheriffs don’t enjoy anonymity

The difference between the $55,000 the hypothetical deputy in Lemon Grove can make by moving to Campo and the $52,500 he can make as a corporal staying in Lemon Grove is only $2500.


Despite boasting one of the nation's sunniest climates, despite laboring under towering electricity rates, San Diego County isn't home to a single solar energy plant. It's not that we haven't tried. A 20-acre solar farm ...

Best of 2000: Best San Diego County Winery

Proprietor Alexander McGeary is 10 years into his 25-year project to hammer out a wine industry high on the eastern side of Mount Palomar, and things are progressing. Though frost -- a threat at 3500 ...

Up the Creek

About a dozen federally protected endangered species, including the southwestern willow flycatcher and the Laguna Mountains skipper butterfly, live in the Cleveland National Forest, the 424,000-acre woodland preserve that stretches across the rugged backcountry of ...

A loop for mountain bikes near Warner Springs takes riders on a combination of sandy fire road and pavement.

Where can you go to do some fat-tire bicycle riding after the winter rains come? Certainly not on many of the county's backcountry dirt roads and trails, which turn slippery when wet. Instead, try out ...

A Curse Upon This Place

The removal of the Cupeño Indians from Warner Springs

The commission recommended the government purchase 3438 acres adjacent to Pala, Some 2000 of the acres were arable and 700 irrigable, as compared to the 200 acres that were arable and 150 irrigable at Warner Springs.

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