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Family of alleged murder victim gave testimony

Ruben Anthony Cepeda denies intentionally shooting pregnant girlfriend

Yemely said, “She told me she was pregnant” and “I took her to two of her appointments” and “she seemed ...

Sister of alleged murder victim testified

Ruben Anthony Cepeda pleads not-guilty to double murder charge

“My sister texted him and told him,” according to witness Diana Rodriguez. “He just said, are you serious? And my ...

Death of pregnant teen is charged as double murder

Ruben Anthony Cepeda pleads not-guilty after shot-to-the-belly

A prosecutor claims that the 21-year-old boyfriend of a pregnant teen pressed the tip of his 9mm Glock semi-automatic against ...

Shooter is guilty of careless act, not callous act, attorney claims

Ruben Anthony Cepeda pleads not-guilty to double murder charge

“This was an accident. You know that, because Ruben said that at the time. All the witnesses there agree, yep, ...

Carlsbad bookkeeper accused of embezzlement

Deborah Ann Gore denies stealing profits from auto shops

Philip said he hired Deborah Ann Gore in 2005 to do the books for his businesses, which includes a chain ...

Larcenous dentist and wife will soon be at liberty

Dr. Edward and Mary Rose Bodek admitted stealing from clients

Former dentist Edward J. Bodek, 60, and his wife Mary Rose Bodek, 56, were sentenced to 365 days custody plus ...

Dishonest pizzeria bookkeeper gets four years prison

Susan Seibert admitted stealing half-million dollars

Linda Conover, one of the owners of a chain of pizza shops in San Diego County, spoke to a judge ...

Three-year-old case charging attempted-murder is delayed again

Stoned shooter reportedly missed the point-blank shot-to-the-head

Phillip Esquire Miller IV denies putting a gun to the head of a man with whom he had been smoking ...

California man accused of cooking wife is due in court Tuesday

Sixty-nine-year-old man denies killing 73-year-old wife

Frederick Joseph Hengl, 69, is expected to be brought into court in a wheelchair on Tuesday, August 20, in San ...

Sentencing delayed for California dentist and wife who stole from patients

Dr. Edward and Mary Rose Bodek used others' credit cards

Former dentist Edward J. Bodek, 60, and his wife Mary Rose Bodek, 56, have twice delayed their sentencing, since they ...

Vista teen ordered to pay $105,703 for her admitted acts of vandalism

City of Vista due to be repaid costs in 176 years

A teenaged graffiti vandal has promised to pay $105,703 to the City of Vista, at the rate of $50 per ...

Trial delayed for woman accused of putting pillow over man’s face

Ninety-two-year-old said he survived assault by 60-year-old woman

Ninety-two-year-old Benjamin Farber said that a former friend shoved a pillow over his face a year ago, but he survived ...

Man who phoned in a shooting was arrested for a stabbing

David Diaz pleads not-guilty to murder charge

Carlsbad police responded to a 911 call reporting a shooting last week, but the medical examiner has declared that the ...

Oceanside police found deceased man in street

Requesting public's help regarding "suspicious" death

Oceanside police reported finding a man dead in the street before 6 a.m. on Wednesday, August 14, 2013. Responding to ...

Former bank employee denies grand theft charge

Shaun Patrick Flanagan remains at liberty

Seventy-three-year-old Nancy has had an account at Wells Fargo Bank for many years. She lost her husband Ted in 2011, ...

Juvenile gangster gets 75-years-to-Life in prison

Family denies Oceanside teen was the shooter

It was an emotional afternoon in the courthouse yesterday, when family of the boy who was shot to death and ...

Carlsbad man accused of killing his new roommate brought to court

David Diaz pleads not-guilty to murder

A man accused of killing his new roommate was brought before a judge this afternoon in San Diego’s North County ...

Cardiff dog days of summer event

Humans and dogs walked the green synthetic turf in California

The Cardiff Dog Days of Summer celebration was advertised as the eighth annual and “largest dog-centric event in San Diego!” ...

Man accused of torture and murder wants “contact visits” with his daughter

Louis Perez is charged with kidnap, sexual battery, and murder of Brittany Killgore

A man accused of sexual battery and torture and murder of a young woman, yesterday requested “contact visits” with his ...

Oceanside party ends up at hospital

Door pounding interrupted beach party plans and then there was a stabbing

Lorenzo banged on the front door of an Oceanside home at midnight and got a knife in his side, and ...

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