RA Sushi drops the bomb

Downtown sushi spot debuts bomb cocktail menu, but is it bomb?

Downtown sashimi spot RA Sushi (474 Broadway) recently dropped a new drink menu specializing in – wait for it – ...

Breakfast at Tobey's 19th Hole Cafe

Restaurant at the Balboa Park Golf Course is a total hidden gem with a killer view and cheap eats.

Golfers know that the municipal golf course in Balboa Park is excellent. As city courses go, it’s one of the ...

Sweat equity! Pedal off the pounds on your progressive dinner

Aimée Anundsen’s Movable Feast spawns guilt-free gluttony

Progressive dinners may never be da same again. This gal Aimée Anundsen... http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2013/jul/24/49977/ ...has the crazy idea of creating progressive ...

A taste of Tijuana: Javier Plascencia progressive meal

Join Turista Libre on a tour of some of Tijuana's most renowned restaus

Chef Javier Plascencia has become synonymous with new Tijuana cuisine by way of landmark restaus such as the rebirthed Hotel ...

Crab cakes and heroism

New crab cake food truck was at Ground Zero on 9-11

“We’re the only crab cake food truck in San Diego, or LA,” says Vonniejune Kendall. “And we only use blue ...

Whole Foods opens 7th Ave Pub

Grocery store enters the craft beer bar fray with a surprisingly respectable mini-tavern.

To the best of my knowledge, the Hillcrest Whole Foods (711 University Avenue) is the first grocery store in these ...

First Look: Blue Ribbon Rustic Kitchen

Freshly opened in Hillcrest, Blue Ribbon enters the "craft foods" fray short on hype and long on skill.

Blue Ribbon Rustic Kitchen (530 University Avenue, 619-501-6795) is open in Hillcrest, right where Bayu’s Ethiopian closed up shop months ...

Comicon: This place rings my bell

Tin Fish wins as Ed's most atmospheric eatery in Comicon, for the second year.

I tried. Honest, I looked everywhere. But once again, Tin Fish, the eatery at the bottom of Fifth (170 6th ...

1887 on the Bay: Happy hour racing ribs!

The renovated Coronado Boathouse gives you front row seats to...San Diego’s America’s Cup?

Man! This is like having bayside bleachers at the America’s Cup. Out on tiny Glorietta Bay, maybe a dozen big ...

First look at Rred Wine Bar

New to Hillcrest, RRed could be a good spot for wine and light noshing if diners can keep the check totals low.

Cafe Delano lasted for almost no time at all before the promising tapas bar shuttered and slipped into limbo. The ...

Felix's BBQ: Eat your tomatoes - green

Ed finds an old "southern" tradition might not be southern after all

Fried Green Tomatoes. That’s why I had to come in. Seen the movie, jes’ had to eat the title. Standing ...

Bassam’s: A glass of wine, a baklava and thou…

Five bucks for a glass of port, $3 for a baklava, your sunset hour is complete.

“Ah. The baklava. Good choice. They have the best here.” The merry-faced lady in purple watches me as I put ...

Roseville Cozinha unveils summer cocktail menu

Waiter, there's a shrub in my drink.

Roseville Cozinha in Liberty Station is rolling out their summer cocktail menu on Monday, July 15 featuring anachronistic concoctions prepared ...

Asia Wok, where it’s OK to pile your plate as high as you want

At this Market Creek Plaza eatery, if you can fit it in, it’s yours

This gal is an artist. Her medium? The Mongolian Barbecue in Asia Wok here in Market Creek Plaza in Lincoln ...

Goofy Foot? Dad, daughter deliver dee-lish dog

Original taste combos give this truck wings

The yellow lunch truck’s parked in front of Mission Brewery (1441 L Street, at 14th, East Village), not far from ...

The tortilla ladies: Delivering it fresh and hot on San Diego Avenue

Cafe Coyote's Tourist Central for Fourth July weekend, but the tortillas are still great

Okay, we're in the middle of the day, in the middle of the Fourth of July weekend in the middle ...

Southpaw: Wild life behind the batting cage

Petco Park's newest hang-out has East Villagers going wild!

It’s open, at last. Southpaw Social Club (815 J Street, 619-269-2255) has only been in business a few days, but ...

Fat Sandwiches at Fat Sal's Deli

Pacific Beach sub shop puts a little bit of everything between bread.

Rumors of Fat Sal’s Deli (956 Garnet Avenue, 855-682-4373) percolated up to me some time ago, but my perambulations kept ...

Bermuda Triangle claims another victim…in Old Town

Jason West’s Old Town Market Café rolls down its canvas for the last time

“I’ll miss the apple fritters,” sighs Suzie. She’s a guide with Old Town Trolley Tours, the green and orange antique ...

Old Town jerky: Cheap, cheerful Inca-chew

Chomp on jerky and taste, uh, ancestors' gastronomy

Jerky for lunch? I was walking up through Old Town Plaza when I noticed this freshly whitewashed adobe place down ...

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