Toxic Dildo

It pays to have an eclectic group of friends so one never runs out of material. One of my lesbian ...

Ridding the world of Rodents one Rug at a Time

Last night I heard the cats coming and going through the cat door like they normally do. Then I realized ...

One Night in Las Colinas

Fred wouldn’t leave the house and my divorce lawyer advised me to remain there and get along with him. Funny, ...

Mental pause

Got the kids in the car, ready to head out of town. Went to get gas and there was some ...

Longhaired Relationship

At a retreat in Ramona recently, I met two new friends. At the top of a nearby mountain stood a ...

A Coyote Skinned My Knee

I sleep next to the chicken coop. To be clear, my bedroom is in the back corner of the house ...

Friends Like These

It was 1973 or so. I was walking home from school with my old gang. As we passed the roller ...

A Dog's Tale

They keep a dossier on me at the animal shelter. And if you’ve ever had any dealings with them, they ...

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