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Do not be pushy or tailgate the ladies

Where can a hardly weary traveler get a $4000 hotel room?

First, what the heck is a quasar?

Post Title: Questions about quasars? Quick — to the observatory! | Post Date: April 20, 2015 This April I participated in the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge, writing about different San Diego hotspots ...

See the suicidal from their pinhole shaft of light

Suicide is the Result of Severe Brain Dis-ease: The Brain is Diseased, Dis-eased The last two weeks have brought five suicides to my attention. Not my personal loved ones, but people and families that are ...

Be very very quiet...I’m hunting rabbits

I sent a text to my wife, “Let’s drop everything this weekend, throw the air mattress in the back of the Jeep, and cruise up the Eastern side of the Sierras for an epic adventure.” ...

Nature Boy makes a solid case

Find your wilderness!

For many people, the life of a person who loves the outdoors seems foreign. They ask, “Why subjugate yourself to the harshness of the outdoors when life can be so comfortable?” This question is often ...

My husband cannot speak quietly on the phone

A girl needs some alone time

Post Title: Notes from inside a cross-cultural marriage, lesson #2: the concept of noise (and being noisy) Post Date: November 2014 My husband simply cannot speak at low volume on the telephone. This might not ...

Cultural hiccups amid marital bliss

It is first important to understand that my husband and I are not only from different cultures; we also had very different childhoods. I’m Australian and grew up in a small middle-class town in Queensland, ...

Vespa Guy, please park however you want

Forty-something shouldn’t be a viable, die-able age.

“Catenary,” a word worth saving

Post Title: Catenary Post Date: December 14, 2014 I like words. Sometimes I find words and type them into my phone to think about later. While at SanFran’s “Exploratorium” this summer, I happened upon “catenary.” ...

Playing the Mongoloid card

Post Title: Object Permanence Post Date: February 8, 2015 The “Mongoloid” card gets played despite ground rules and — across the table — Jenn and I meet glances. Finn’s asleep in Jenn’s lap, thumb resolutely ...

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